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The Shaka Surf Camp

Unlimited Surf, Unlimited Stoke!

Surf School



If you are looking to fully immerse yourself in the surfing lifestyle, the surf camp is perfect for you!

At the surf camp we work with 6 neighbouring families. Each home cooked meal prepared by a different family. Sadasiva , is our very own chai master, many have come back only to get more of his chai!

Everyday is unique at the surf camp, from climbing coconut trees, to swimming in the river to going fishing, to skating or just getting some well deserved hammock time, all the while making sure you get your fill of surfing! It's the best way to really understand a village life too! Evenings are usually spent around a bon fire talking story and making music! 

Your tents are comfortable four person tents we reserve for two people. You are provided with a matress , pillow and all the comforts to make that camping experience a memorable one! With clean common bathroom and toilets you are sure to run into other campers while brushing your teeth, making it a great start to your day!

Theres no place like Shaka!!​

Why you ask?

  • Unlimited surboard rentals when staying with us at camp

  • Intermediate surf training with the budhihal base (run by Ramesh Budhihal - Olympic representative for India)

  • Kayak tours of the swarna river.

  • We have a surf club with a skate park!

  • We surrounded by the ocean and river on either side

  • Fresh homecooked meals prepared by  our neighbours

  • Unlimited flow of chai to get ener-chaised!

  • We are friends with a dive school 30 mins away for people looking to scuba.

  • Basketball, yoga lawn, slacklining.

  • Wide range of surfboard shapes for experienced surfers to try out.

  • Calesthenic Park.

  • Pet friendly


Available packages:

Special Camps

Regular Packages:

Surf Camp Pacages

For bookings of more than 7 days or bulk / corporate bookings please contact +91 - 9819266877

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