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Ever since they were kids, Tushar and Ishita had always wanted to learn how to surf! Like almost everyone else, they assumed that there were no waves in India and would probably have to go to California to start surfing! Little did they know that their decision to move from Bombay to Manipal to pursue higher studies would change their lives forever! 

It was eight years ago, in Manipal, that they discovered the Surfing Swamis, who introduced them to the world of surfing and pushed them into their very first waves. Back then, the only thoughts that crossed their minds were, "Why haven't we been doing this all our lives?" and "We're going to be doing this for the rest of our lives!" They had been bitten by the surf bug and all they wanted was to share their stoke of surfing with everyone!

So, in the summer of 2007, they decided to buy a surfboard and start The Shaka Surf Club! At first, Tushar and Ishita wanted their friends to experience the thrill of riding a wave, but gradually people started approaching them to learn surfing. Soon they found themselves giving surf lessons, so they could raise capital to buy more surfboards. It was the beginning of a new business venture! What started out as a couple of college kids teaching their friends how to surf eventually evolved into one of the first surf schools in India!


Now that the two of them have graduated college, they have decided to pursue the surfer's path and continue to run The Shaka Surf Club, full time! Being the water lovers that they are, Tushar and Ishita are also Open-water Scuba Divers. They have also received training in Surf rescue, First Aid and CPR by the American Red Cross Society. Ever since they started teaching, they have introduced hundreds of people to surfing. 

Tushar and Ishita are both part of the first surf team of India. In the future they hope to help surfing grow in India and help put surfing in India on the Global map.



The Shaka Surf Club aims to promote the sport and culture of surfing in India. We wish to get more people in the water, by educating them about the ocean and dispelling fears of the ocean that are deep rooted in the Indian society. We combine humanitarian work with surfing and provide under-privileged youth with an opportunity to experience the joy of surfing.


Our school is located in the beautiful fishing village of Kodi Bengre! It is a thin strip of land mass surrounded by water on both sides! The suvarna river on one side and the arabian sea on the other. 
Our spot is ideal for beginner and intermediate surfers for most of the year and perfect for experienced surfers pre and post monsoon.


We work with all the families that surround our school! There are four families that are currently working with us! All meals at the campsire are prepared by our neighbours to give our guests the authentic taste of a local village cuisine! Each meal is prepared with alot of love! 
We encourage the older children from the Surf Club to become leaders in the community by taking the lead in organising beach clean ups or teaching the younger kids in the village how to swim , skate and surf!

We are part of the commmunity and the community is part of us! :)

Ishita Malaviya

Ishita Malaviya is India's first professional female surfer and Co-Founder of The Shaka Surf Club & Camp Namaloha. Born and bought up in Mumbai Ishita studied Journalism in Manipal University and is the only Indian appointed as a brand Ambassador for Roxy Surfers

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Tushar Pathiyan

Tushar Pathiyan, Co-Founder of The Shaka Surf Club & Camp Namaloha,  also born and bought up in Mumbai Tushar studied Architecture at Manipal University. He is a part time architect and a full time entertainer and one of the best surf instructors you will meet. It doesn't matter which part of the world you come from he will be able to talk back to you in your accent and is not shy to smile and joke around all day. 

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Ramesh Budihal

Ramesh is one of the youngest from the first generation of surfers to have consistently stuck to surfing against all odds to become one of the best competitive surfers currently in India. His motivation for surfing comes from a time before contest and thats what he hopes to share with his students. Surfing to him is sacred and he takes great pride in sharing this knowledge with his students. 

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Nithin Florence

Born into a fishing family, been working since the age of 11, Nithin very conciuosly chose surfing at the goung age of 16 when he met Tushar and Ishita for the first time. SInce then He has been on a journey to not only becoming an epic human being but also breaking the mold of what it means to grow up in a small fishing village. Nithin is a true waterman with more salt water than blood running through his veins and his understanding of the ocean works is what makes him a great teacher in and out of the water.

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Rahul moved over to Kodi B to work with his brother NIthin just before the pandemic hit. When it did, he stayed and skated and skated and skated and skated! Within few months Rahul went from being Nithin's quiet brother to one of the best skaters in our little community!
His true light shines through in his kindness. He's ever ready to teach the next generation of local groms. He has become the big brother at the skate park, making sure the kids learn properly, so they don't hurt themselves and doing it all with effortless style!
This year he has also been teaching skateboarding to guests who come to Shaka! Leaving everyone who learns from him with smiles for miles!

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They say you can take the boy from the island but not the island from the boy. He fit right into the Kodi B village and the shaka life, since then he's been working hard, making sure he calls his mom, surfing even harder and building himself up as a brand!He's a pioneer surfer from lakshwadweep, the history of surfing on those islands is always going to be intertwined with his journey, we are super stoked to have him as part of the shaka ohana and be part of his journey!•( purana- old, ohana-family) Feeling of meeting an old friend for the first time. This is a shaka orginal word to describe a feeling.

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