We are only as good as our students say we are! :D We enjoy getting feedback from all our students and see that as a great way to improve and fine tune your surf experience. Here are a few testimonials from our students!

Raffael Kably

"It doesn't get much better than The Shaka Surf Club you can go here for information on ANYTHING to do with surfing in India and Tushar and Ishita will help you out. Just a brilliant experience, thanks you guys!"

Moritz Jimmy

"A beach just like a postcard picture, water warmer than the air, and 1st first time i could call my teachers buddies, too ;) thank u guys for being this awesome! really enjoyed the surf. ravin the waves, fallin off the board a dozen times and in the end, it's all worth it. never thought i'd be much of a waterlikin kinda guy but shaka club proved me wrong. can't wait for the next session cuz today was legen - wait for it - dary! keep it goin." 

Mohsin Memom

"A BIG thank you to the Shaka Surf Club, Tushar and Ishita. You guys are absolutely awesome people. You've gone over and beyond my expectations of this trip. I can honestly say this was, by far, one of the best surf trip I've ever been on. Anything and everything from accommodation, food, travel, surf boards, entertainment to relaxation. You guys had an answer for every question. Thanks so very much for everything that you guys have done to make this trip a success. Looking forward to coming again!"

Joy Bolton

"We had an amazing few days with Tushar and Ishita. It was one of the highlights of our whole trip to India. They didn't just give us excellent coaching in one of the most beautiful spots of beach we've ever seen, but looked after us so well in the evenings too, taking us to the best places to eat and drink in Manipal. Their whole set-up was really relaxed and friendly, sensational value and we got to see dolphins, twice!. We order you to go surfing with them, you'll be glad you did! Gavin and Joy"

Hiren Vara

"The best saturday mornings in manipal EVER!
loved to hit the surf and after abit ull love the wipe outs too.... :D
keep it goin guys."

Farhanaz Jackaria

"The first time I caught a wave was perhaps the best feeling I have ever had in my life. i so wanted that wave to never reach an end. i was never interested in surfing before until i experienced it. surfing is awesome-it just pulls out all kind of negative energy from your body n makes u feel really really happy. u just forget all the difficulties n harshness of life. After comin back, i had a nap n i actually had the "surfers` dream".
thank u so much Tushar n Ishita"

Karan Parikh

"When I heard that there were surfing classes around manipal, I was super excited and I almost couldn't believe that they were actually there. I had always wanted to try surfing but I didn't know where or how. My friends and me decided to go on a sunday morning and try surfing. Our instructors Tushar and Ishita were very helpful and patient. They taught what we needed to know. Surfing at Kodi Bengre beach was an amazing experience and I plan on going there every weekend. Standing on my surfboard and going with the flow of the mighty sea was absolutely unforgettable."

Preeti Smiles

"Crazy weather!..merciless waves!!!...beautiful beach!!!!...first time surfers!!!..2 great instructors!!1...wat a morning!!! Was a kickass experience!!(seriously the waves kicked our asses :) cowabunga!!!)"

Eric Fernandes

"Surfing in the rains!!!waiting for the perfect wave!!cant imagine a better feeling...:)"

Rithu Leena John

"Was an amazing experience.....neva thought id get a chance to surf in india.....thx u guys :)"

Asim Syed

"Totally worth it buggers! one of the best and sorted experiences in my college life with two freaking awesome people! salut."