We offer a surf lessons to beginners and intermediate level surfers! The best way to experience and truly understand what it means to be a surfer is to come stay with us at our surf camp Namaloha! There are plenty of other stay options as well!



There are many options available for stay.
Our recomendation would be to stay with us at our Camp Namaloha, to get the whole surf experience.

At the Camp we eat, breathe and live Surfing.

There are plenty of other stay options as well, close to our surf school!



We only rent out boards to experienced surfers or any person who has completed the basic 4 surf lessons with us.

Beginner surfers with little experience, require to do one lesson with us before renting boards



friendly, experienced instructors, surfing safety and fun.

provide beginner and intermediate level, private and group lessons. 

Our instructors are ISA(International Surfing Association) certified surf instructors!